Нина Панчева :: Творби

Нина Панчева

Image-Text-Object: Practices of Research An exhibition of doctoral research projects from Winchester School of Art Level 4 Gallery, Hartley Library, University of Southampton. 10th February - 16th March 2014. This exhibition presents a series of images, texts and objects, which lead us to think about different ways of seeing, thinking, writing and making. My work shown was "How to Create an Ideal Past" - Installation, paper, cardboard, strings Approximately 100 cm (w) x 90 (d) x 120 cm (h). The work seeks to explore approaches for constructing notions of the past by means of images, a peculiar ‘repainting of the past’ which has taken place after the fall of the communist regime in Bulgaria, supported by the ex-official artists and the main art institutions in the country. The installation focuses on one aspect of ‘repainting of the past’, namely the constant repetition of the same Socialist Realist images in the post-communist situation as signs that are claimed to represent a ‘whole and truthful’ notion of the past. To reflect on this subject, I used as source material popular photographs and sculptures of the Bulgarian communist leader Todor Zhivkov from the communist era. Using one of the sculptures as a model, I have created three almost identical paper sculptures, after that cut them into pieces and arranged them in a way that obstructs their perception as an ‘entity’; in this way they constitute chaotic fragments of a ‘past’, or maybe a ‘present’…